Clinical impact

As a researcher, I investigate the utility of self-monitoring methods such as ESM/EMA for clinical practice. My work would not be complete without giving patients and clinicians access to a clinically useful self-monitoring tool.


I therefore teamed up with Marieke Wichers and Harriette Riese to start the PETRA project (see website). Together with a multidisciplinary project team, consisting of researchers, IT-developers, patients, and clinicians, we have developed a diary tool that has been implemented in patients personal health records.


PETRA's decision aid helps patients and clinicians to easily construct a personalized diary together, and then visualizes the gathered diary data in a feedback module.


Why? Because research indicates that personalized ESM might 

- Increase insight into patients' wellbeing

- Improve patient self-management and ownership over their recovery process

- Improve shared-decision making and the relationship between patient and clinician

- Open the door to personalized alert systems 


I vlogged a day as PETRA researcher!